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Waterproof pH/EC/TDS &Temperature Meters

Waterproof pH/EC/TDS &Temperature Meters

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Place of Origin: Made in china
Brand Name: HEDAO
Model Number: PH-3508
Certification: ISO9000

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Large Image:PH meter Waterproof pH/EC/TDS &Temperature Meters

Detailed Product Description

Range PH 0.0014.00PH
EC 0~1999μs/cm0~19.99mS/cm
TDS 0~1999ppm0~19.99ppt
Temp 050℃
Resolution PH 0.01PH
EC 1μs/cm<1999 μs/cm10us/cm>1999 us/cm0.01mS/cm
TDS 1ppm(<1999ppm)10ppm(>1999ppm)0.01ppt
Temp 0.1℃
Accuracy PH ±0.02PH
EC ±2%F.S
TDS ±2%F.S
Temp ±0.5℃
Automatic Temperature Compensation 0℃50℃
Battery Type 3×1.5V(AG13)
Operating Temperature 0℃50℃
Calibration two points4.016.86  orOne point6.86calibration
Auto-off  After 8 minutes
Dimensions 188mm×35mm×35mm
Weight 98g

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